About Me

Page for those wanting something to read, wanting to learn about me, or looking for reasons to troll me.

This is just a start, page will be updated at a later date.

Brief History


Being very young at that time, there’s not too much I can remember. Some highlights that I do remember are the following:

  • Upon finally falling asleep during an evening of tornadoes, the smoke alarm went off. I, thinking it was the tornado siren, ran into the basement.

  • Instead of taking a nap like I was told, I would hide on the staircase and watch the football games on TV.

  • Played with a loaded gun that I ended up accidently firing off. Put a hole in the wall.


  • “Hacked” 29 teachers passwords and changed them. They used a default password, so once that default was found, all the teacher who didn’t use computers or those who didn’t change their password was that password.

  • Removed Fortress from Windows 95 computers. Program to do this was written in BASIC. Unfortunately, all the books I read about BIOS/CMOS were for 486s or earlier. It appears the new Pentium computers increased the size of BIOS from 64 bytes to 128 bytes. I messed up the CD-ROM drive on all computers I removed Fortress from.


  • In the Air Force for Satellite Communications. Stationed in Hawaii.